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Will a speeding ticket cause problems in background check?

Rainy Day Rainy Day (New) New

Hi all. I applied (and was accepted) to an RN program in Texas. I received a ticket for going 47 mph on a 30 mph in a construction zone back in March of this year. I appeared in court and paid off my fine ($300 but it was reduced to $250) but have 2 points on my license. This is my one and only traffic (or any other) offense ever in the ten years I've been driving.

I did my fingerprint/background check a few days ago and I'm waiting for the results. In the meantime it just occurred to me that my ticket might cause some problems... is that true? Has that happened to anybody?

I'm really worried. :uhoh3:

KaroSnowQueen, RN

Specializes in Telemetry, Case Management.

I have had many speeding tickets - the worst (80 in a 35) while I was in nursing school. They're looking for actual crimes - theft, drugs, etc. Don't worry about it.


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