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Will you please give me some advice on my specific situation?

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Hi Everyone,

I am very, very interested in UTA's AO BSN (pre-licensure) program.  However, I have a few concerns.

Here is my background for referecnce:

33 year old male (I live in NW Houston)

I have a BBA in Business Administration (overall 3.31 gpa) from Sam Houston State University

I've been a CNA for about 1 year (I changed careers in 2017), and I believe my hospital is a partner for the program.

I am almost done with my pre-requisites (I have A's in Political Science, History, English, Psychology, Sociology (all of those general ed classes), A&P I and II, Microbiology, Nutrition)

I still have a few more pre-requisites to take (Technical Communications, Math, Statistics, Chemistry) and this is the only Nursing program those classes are required for because my backup BSN programs don't require those classes.  I just want to know before I spend thousands of dollars on those classes that I at least have a fighting chance at getting admitted to UTA's AO BSN program.  I would hate to plunk down $5,000 and not get accepted.  Please let me know what I can do to strengthen my application.  Am i remotely competitive?  I am stressed out trying to decide what to do.  Thanks!

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