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Will I get disqualified for a job with a gross misdemeanor on my record?

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Hi all, 

I finally got my first nursing job at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. I am currently a bartender and recently I failed a bar sting which will get me a criminal record with a gross misdemeanor - providing a person under 21 with alcohol. They haven't done the background check yet and Im not sure when my criminal record will change, but either way Im wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences with this. I am going to try to fight it once i get a court day or at least get it knocked down to a misdemeanor. Im just wondering if this will disqualify me from this job, and any advice here is greatly appreciated. 

PS: I am afraid to quit my current job and then get disqualified from this other one and be jobless. 


Thank you. 

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Hello CBerries,

We moved your topic to a forum for replies from those with similar issues.

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