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Will I be a bad nurse if I don’t like working in customer service anymore?


Has 1 years experience.

I work as a cashier I’ve been doing it for 2 years going on 3 .I usually have the patience of a saint and I am good at dealing with difficult people ,but ever since covid arrived I don’t have the patience anymore since people come into the store without masks and always want to make it a political issue or act childish if you ask them to. Another thing is I’m in my early 30s but I look like a teenager some people are very disrespectful towards me and they’re very put off by me talking to them in a stern matter. I’m usually nice most of the time but if someone is disrespectful I usually become more stern with them . What worries me is the job makes me hate customer service now and it seems like virus showed up everyone seems to be a lot more disrespectful than usual . Will I be unable to handle being a nurse because I hate my job. I just wonder if this will hinder me.