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Will I automatically get a compact license


I am in nursing school right now in Florida. I graduate in December. Once I take the NCLEX and pass, is my license automatically a compact license? Or is that something I have to apply and pay for separately?

Maybe not. You will have to check with the Florida BON. Florida was not an original member of the compact. I know people who have decided not to get a Florida compact license, and only have a single state license. You will probably need to request your compact license, pay the separate fee, and then submit your fingerprints,etc.

On 4/25/2020 at 6:59 AM, It'sYaGirlK said:

Yes since Florida is a compact state ❤️

Yes, so long as he or his is, and remains, a Florida resident.

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When you apply for your license you have the option of choosing only Florida or a compact license. There is no additional fee.