Will I actually get a job in Columbus, OH?


I am considering applying for the OSU grad-entry nursing master's program specializing in either pediatrics or psychiatric. I will not be able to move at this time because I have three kids and a husband all with attachments to the area. I have perused Indeed for jobs and I just don't see many for NP's. Maybe I am not looking in the right place? I am nervous about the significant debt I will have after I finish especially if the job outlook isn't great. Would appreciate any and all perspectives. This is my first post ever on allnurses!


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I was just accepted into a program with a specialty in HIV, I know I will likely need to move and am willing to do so after graduation. Psych is in great demand, not sure about peds. I would look to many other resources. Search all the facilities and private practices you would be willing to commute to. Don't just look at one resource. Will you be doing family or Adult/geriatric? you should also consider jobs that may not be in the area you choose to specialize in but are there FNP or AGNP jobs available? You can never predict what the job outlook will be in two years when you graduate.