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Will I be able to handle AP1 and Science of Nutrition together?

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by Alyssa Cruz Alyssa Cruz (New) New

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Hi guys! I'm new here haha. I'm currently planning to take AP1 alongside Science of Nutrition. I'm also taking my communication in nursing, as well as introduction to nursing. Do you think I would be able to handle two heavy information classes at once?

I'm sorry if this is a terrible question, I was just wanting to see what others thought since my advisor can never see me for class registration. 

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E-commerce has 1 years experience as a CNA, LVN and specializes in Psychiatric, Diabetes advocate.

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Welcome  Alyssa! 🙂

I would ask myself the following questions:

 how are my study skills? 

how are my time management skills?

how many number of hours will I be working per week?  

Also, you are not only taking these classes as an elective, but more as a building foundation for nursing school.  A&P 1 and 2 are heavy in nursing school and you will need to know it 🙂  I'm sure you will be able personally evaluate. Wish you the best


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