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Will I be able to get into a BSN program with two C's?


I have a c in physio and soc. At my school I qualify for the ADN program but I can't retake classes I've gotten a c in.. I'm worries that when I finish my ADN program I won't be able to get into a BSN program.. Has anyone been in this position before?? I'm in California.

I don't think two C's will prevent you from getting into nursing school, period. However, I would definitely make sure that I have A's and B's in all other classes if I were you. It will ultimately depend on your overall GPA and entrance test score (assuming your school does the admissions like mine does.) Also, do you know why you got a poor grade in physiology? Knowing why is important, because you need a strong foundation in both anatomy and physiology. I would figure out why and brush up on that since you can't retake the class.