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Will an arrest hurt my acceptance in nursing school?

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I have just recently been accepted into nursing school and nervous of the background check and being turned down. Checking the states statutes it only states you can not have a conviction of any kind. 

3 years ago the police were called because a woman witnessed my ex husband being violent towards me. When the police arrived I wrote a statement saying i didn’t want to press charges and the situation was a misunderstanding because i knew what a charge would do on his record. Well that backfired and supposedly under GA law they had to make an arrest and arrested us both for simple battery family violence.

I never went to court and the prosecutor dismissed my charge as nolle prossed. They expunged/restricted my arrest and also the state court sealed. If you run a check on me everything is clear of a criminal record but nervous the fingerprinting FBI check will show different. 

Does anyone have any experience with this? 

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