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Wiil I lose my R.N. Lic?

by TempleRun TempleRun (New) New


I was terminated for diversion of narcotics I was scared at the time and sign a paper agreeing with the diversion. I did not go into VRP instead got a lawyer now I got a lett from Bureau of Enforcement & Investigation of my state board regarding the current status of my nursing license... Any body know what I really up against here???

How long ago did you divert?

You should definitely get into your state's professional recovert program ASAP!!!

Good luck and I'll keep you in my prayers....

You of course know that your only hope of retaining or regaining your license is to go into the recovery program voluntarily. That is about all we can tell you. We can't offer legal advice. Do whatever the Board requires of you. Your attorney can help you through this process. Good luck and get well.

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Really only the BON can make a decision on where you are going. Be honest and do what ever they require. Take each day one at a time and good luck

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