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Why is nursing school so darn expensive


I have been reviewing a lot of Colleges here in New York City. I don't understand that when you already have a BA Degree in another area when you make a choice of going to Nursing School and changing your curriculum the price is outrageous because it is a Second Undergraduate Degree.

Is there a solution to this problem like BSN/MA all in one so you can get financial aid at the Master Level instead of at the Undergraduate Level.:o

The price is the same for 2nd degree students as it is for first degree students. The only difference is second degree students are not allotted as much financial aid.

You can say that again, I will be owing everyone when I finish. That will be okay with me being that nurses make a good chunk of change after completing nursing school. I always take a chance, I'm up for the challenge. There is a light at the end of the road for me.

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