Why is Interim Permit an option yet not accepted?


Do California hospitals not accept an IP while waiting to test for NCLEX or until active license number pops up anymore?

If this is a thing of the past, why is it even an option for purchase? Is it for out-of-state applicants/mgmt or travelers?

I have an opportunity out-of-state and they accept temporary licenses. ?

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It’s a relic from the past before NCLEX when state boards were not offered pretty much every day but only a handful of times a year. It was also a way to get holes filled in the days a true nursing shortage existed (still exists in a few places, but a good bit of CA is actually seeing a surplus of new grads). It is no lifer economical for hospitals to accept a temp permit- they put time and energy into someone who just might not pass. That temp permit is invalid as soon as the NCLEX results are known, pass or fail.