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Why didn't I get the job?

I am a graduate nurse. I applied for this transition nurse position two months ago. I matched all the selection criteria and was short-listed for interview. After the interview, I received an email from the manager congratulating me that I was selected as a preferred applicant and the official offer is subject to pre employment check and reference check. I was very hopeful because I have no criminal offences and good references.

Finally after a month of waiting and no contact, I followed up with the manager to check about the status of my application, he says that all the unsuccessful applicants were notified, successful applicants selected, and that they are beginning the program next week. I was devastated. He does not know why I was not informed and wants me to call back a couple of weeks after his leave for feedback.

I quickly called my referees to check, and found out that they were not contacted. What could have gone wrong? Please help. I am struggling to accept it because I felt like I had the job. I had high hopes and it was a dream job working in that hospital.


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