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Who's In at LA County ADN Program?

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by michellesrndream michellesrndream (Member)

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Hello All!

Wow! I can finally say "I'm In!" - Totally can't believe it. I've been reading others posting that sweet phrase for over 3 yearsnow !!!

Well...I only applied at USC Medical-LA County ADN Program and nowhere else and got it! It was my first choice from the beginning, given the wide diversity of patients and excellent teaching environment if offers. It took me 2x but I'm in for Aug. '07

Orientation is this Friday, June 15 8am-12noon is anyone else on allnurses.com attending?

In case you're still waiting for a letter - i just got mine of Wed. 6/6 (they were suppose to go out 5/15!!!!) totally nerve racking, huh?

Okay guys & gals ~ don't be shy! Log on and share your stuff!

Congrats to those in & I'm blowing kisses of patience to those in waiting!

~talk to ya soon,


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This topic is now closed to further replies.