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Who got a AGACNP/ACNP after FNP?

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Who got a postmaster's AGACNP after working as an FNP and why?

what kind of job are you doing now? Did you stay in the same practice and got it to be more qualified? Did you move jobs from FNP to ACNP, and if you did, do you regret it or love it?

Do you feel more knowledgeable after getting both? Is it worth doing it if you planned to stay in the same position because you felt better at your job than you did as an FNP?

Wondering because I am an FNP in an internal med clinic, no plans to change jobs, but do want to seek better jobs in the future once my provider decides to retire or sell off her business, or just get better/smarter, if she decides to give me more responsibility for her clinic. We see very old patients. FNP covers all ages, but with gerontological patients, maybe a small part of it focused on that population.

I have very little experience with procedures, nd I want to get experience doing them too. Does it help to get a post masters degree?

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