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I have a question. Who is a first assisstant and why at some hospitals there is no difference in pay, and some are offering $65,000 a year?:p

cwazycwissyRN, RN

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my what lovely lips that, well I'll be dog goned.... .big difference between a fisrt assist and a certified first assist. ;)

As far as I understood the person who I talked to was a certified first assisstant. She was getting paid just the RN salary,nothing extra vs. other hospital where another RNFA was paid $65,000...

And that dog is really cute. Reminds me of someone I knew...

Is That Pic Of The Dog Not Hilarious Or What? Hey If There's Any Cfa's Out There, Would U Please Write Me, I Am A St Now And Am Currently In A Fa Program, I Have So Many Questions No One Seems To Be Able To Answer. I Would Really Appreciate It!! Thanks So Much!

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