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Whistleblower needs protection!

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I searched for recent AN discussions on whistleblower laws and was not able to find anything.

A recent narcotic theft incident at work (admitted to by a fellow nurse) was reported by myself and a co-worker. I am being singled out as the token trouble maker and fear I will be "made an example of"; most likely with the loss of my job.

The harrassment and hostility from the administrative level has begun. I cannot go into details.

The nature of the theft would most likely be treated as a felony vs. misdemeanor (again, no details can be provided). My understanding that whistleblower laws are stronger at the federal level.

Does anyone have any experiences to share or advice?


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This last link is the state law my case is being heard under.Get an EMPLOYMENT lawyer, he should be up on the health care whistle blower retaliation protection law in your state , IF your state has one.

I am not aware of a Federal whistle blower law that protects health care workers, unless it is a Qui Tam Law that protects those who have reported a Medicare/Medicaid/ Fraud.


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