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Which University?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

Honestly, I cannot chose the right university between 2 well-known universities for RN to BSN program . Can anyone help me? I know one of them has pass and fail, not obvious GPA. Is there any difference to have a real gpa or not for further education?

Dear Can't Choose,

You mentioned 2 universities and I replaced the names with "2 well-known" as I cannot endorse any one university.

Be very careful about choosing a school that offer Pass/Fail instead of a grade. You will have trouble being accepted into another university should you go back to school, and why take the risk? GPAs are a widely-accepted indicator of student performance and future performance.

You can post in the Schools forum with your original question to ask for peer feedback on both schools. It's a great place to get views from nursing students who attended the schools.

Best wishes, 

Nurse Beth

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The pass/fail format is only problematic if you want to advance your education and your GPA was low before attending. I used that university to get my MSN as well as my BSN and the world is very rosy. I have many friends who have graduated from there with their BSN and gone on to NP school. Of course, if your GPA was questionable for your RN, then this may not be the best choice, but if it was good, you will have options.

Either way, its great you are going back to school!

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