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Which study guide should I purchase to prepare for the HESI-A2 w/ Critical Thinking?

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by rene76 rene76 (Member)

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I've read over a lot of the posts and gotten mixed reviews on how to study for the Hesi A2. I'm feeling pretty confident about the reading and math portions, but I'm nervous about the sciences and critical thinking. Which study guide out there would best help me prepart to pass the A&P, Bio, and Chem portions? I've taken all theses classes, but it's been a couple of years and science is NOT my strong suit so I definitely need a major refresher. Also, is there any way to prepare for the critical thinking? I'm so nervous about this-I'm not a great test taker and though I have a good GPA I'm worried this will be the thing that keeps me from getting accepted. Thanks.........

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