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Which state is it easier to get a license with a felony on my record?

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Hello, I have been doing my pre-req's for two years now and still hold a 4.0. I am not giving up!! Yes, I also have a felony on my record from 2005, and a DUI. I am a recoving addict, but my felony is not a posession, it was a burglary, from opening someones car that was not mine (not taking the car, opening it). Regardless of what I did, it was wrong. I do have great letters of recommendation, from a police officer, my pastor and others. But I just want to be able to get into a school. I am doing some research early, I am willing to relocate if I have to, just to get my seat in a nursing school. I have heard that certain states are more willing to give some of us like me a chance. ( I am not wearing my glasses when writing this, so if there are typos, I am so sorry:idea:

thanks !!

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