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Which questions are closer to the NCLEX?

Hello. I'm trying to prepare for the NCLEX, which I will be taking soon, and I was wondering which question bank I should use to study. I have access to Hurst review questions and the Saunders Q&A review 6th edition online (that's the green book). My test is too close to buy U world and get the full benefit of it so I have to choose between these two. Thanks in advance.

Hi, I don't know how soon your NCLEX is but I test Tuesday 6/6 and I only bought Uworld May 23 and have done 1270 questions out of 1955 since then.

After reading a bunch of forums on here I really feel like Uworld is the best one! Best of luck!

I've managed to do 700 + UWORLD questions since 5/24 & thats with a PT job and a 5 month old baby. UWORLD is awesome. I would just buy it and do as many as you can.

I would buy the world. Saunders and Hurst review does not compare in my opinion. It's all personal preference. I have to agree with the previous comments good luck!


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