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Which Peds Home Health Agency is best in Colorado?


I'm interested in doing PRN Peds Private duty nursing as a side job. Which home health agency is best as far as flexibility in scheduling, training, safety, and pay? A couple of home health agencies mentioned to me have been Maxim, PSA, MGA, and Professional Pediatric Home Care. I plan on getting a fulltime job at a hospital (36 hours0, and was hoping to find a home health company where I could make my own schedule (I don't want to overload myself -- I've heard some home health will let you do a 4 hour shift?? That would be amazing if so). Please let me know, thank you!

Be aware that one nurse's opinion may be the direct opposite of another nurse who works at the same office of the same company at the same time. You really need to talk to working nurses in that area to find out their opinions of their respective offices at this point in time. Four hour shifts are rare, only occur if they are called for. Most shifts are eight hours, there may be some offers of 12 hour shifts, especially until enough nurses to staff eight hour shifts comes about. Maxim, and PSA, by general word of mouth, for all intents and purposes, should start at the bottom of your list. The others can not speak to.