Which nursing shoes should I get?

by Cindie Cindie (New) New

Im not sure which shoes to purchase, and I see such a large variety. So, Im wondering which brand of shoes did you purchase. And have you ever bought anything on-line? Im kinda nervous about that




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Birkenstocks - costly, but worth every "red" cent!

Pat G

Pat G

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I prefer VERY Good walking sneakers. I find

they support my feet better than some good

brands of nursing shoes.



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Check with your employer/training establishment as to what type are allowable.

ie. do you need non slip soles/heels, or are certain styles not permitted.

After you have that info then try them for yourself. You have to be comfortable in them and they are going to be your support for every shift you are on.

I know when I tried to find specific nursing shoes out of 20 styles etc I could only get one that fitted me properly.

Good luck.


Marcy Long

Marcy Long

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I would definately suggest some type of tennis shoe. I personally have had nothing but trouble with "nursing shoes". The most important thing is to stay comfortable, but professional.

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