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Which job should I take??? help


Alright, I just got done doing an STNA class. I have been doing private duty healcare for awhile getting paid a very good amount under the table but I have to pay taxes etc out of pocket. I really dislike the job and I really dread going in every week. I am also in school for nursing and I went out the day after I got done with my STNA class and got offered a job being a home health STNA making 10 an hour. I will get to make my own schedule and I can get 20 plus hrs a week. So once clinicals start I can still work and do school. My question is what should I do? I want the easier job and I can make the bills on less money. Its a hard choice since I do private duty and there is no middle man, I'm kind of my own representative. Some advice would be much appreciated- JT