Which hospital in Baltimore is best to work at as new grad?

by slothnurse slothnurse, BSN (New) New Nurse

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Hello! I recently graduated from Towson and passed my NCLEX, now the job hunt begins!

I am not sure of a specialty but I want a good work environment.

I am considering Hopkins, Bayview, St. Joe, GBMC, and Sheppard Pratt.

I enjoyed being at Hopkins for most of my clinicals but don't like the 40h/wk PACE thing. I was a tech at UMMC and the work environment was very toxic.

Any personal XP or advice is greatly appreciated ?

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The one where you can secure an offer of employment.

New grads are not in high demand right now and haven't been in quite a while. Finding a hospital position as a new grad can be extremely hard. It's super competitive. I would not make plans based on working for a certain employer. Apply to all of them. Hope one chooses to interview you.