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Which would be more helpful: Nurse Assisting or Pathophysiology?


I'm on the waiting list for Maricopa Nursing, looking like my # will be up in Spring 2015: I'm looking at taking one of these in the fall. Either nurse assisting (I have all my immunizations, paperwork, etc ready to go) or pathophysiology. I want to keep working during school, either at my current position-cut back to part-time or as a NA (to gain experience). I was considering the Patho because I know it would help me in nursing school, even though I don't plan to do the concurrent program because of the workload while working, I plan to do a RN-BSN after I graduate.

Just curious for you in the program currently or recently graduated, which do you think would be best?

Patho would be better to help understand the disease process. Assisting will help you get a job after graduation.