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Which college!? Help!

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Hello! I've been working on my pre-nursing classes for awhile, and now it's time for me to rethink all my choices! It's honestly the money issue that comes into play here. As well as the fact that I'm trying to go straight for a BSN.

I'm looking at CSU San Bernardino, they have a pre-nursing to BSN program but I couldn't find the length of the program, though it looks like everyone loves it there and that it would be the cheapest place to go. Around 5,000 a year I think? Any experience with that would be much appreciated! And if they have a waiting list!

Then I'm looking at Nevada State Henderson, where a two year program for a BSN would be 29,000. Pricey but cheaper than this next option I think. Again, I don't know if they have a waiting lust.

I've had my sights set on UNLV but it looks like that are seriously expensive. The have an awesome 4 semester 14 BSN program but that would be about 45,000.

Henderson is cheaper, but with the extra 10 months the living expenses might equal that of Henderson. As well, they don't have a waiting list, you just have to compete for admission.

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I'm going through the same thing - and also looking at schools in southern california. it looks like programs span the price range of 30k-80k, so 45ish is not bad. You also have to consider the length of the program because a more expensive progam (including cost of living) could turn you out faster and you'll be making money more quickly. You can do the math on that and see for yourself which program length works better for the price... long term, that is.

also, consider that where ever you go to school is where you will be living for at least a year - so make sure you will be happy and comfortable there! And also it is probably where you will get your first RN job, or at least it will be easier to get a job in the city you go to school because you will complete your clinicals there and have a professional network.

Just some food for thought.

For me, I was choosing between schools in chicago, where I can live for free with my mom (stressful), but the program is 2.5 years. My other options are 12-15 month programs living in southern california, paying my own living expenses.... and actually the math worked out in favor of the CA programs (even with the expensive cost of living!), so that made it an easy choice for me. The chicago school is now my back up.

BEST OF LUCK! It is a hard decision, for sure.

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