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Which certification is right for me?

Specializes in Cardiac. Has 2 years experience.

Hi, all. I've only been working for about six months now and I've still got more hours to gain until I can even sit for any certification exam, but in the mean time I was wondering which certification is right for me. I work in a cardiac stepdown unit - MIs, post-CABGs, arrhythmias, post-valve replacements, interventional cardiology, etc. Most of the certified nurses on my unit are PCCNs but after doing some research I've discovered the Cardiac Vascular certification from ANCC and the Cardiac Medicine certification from AACN. Seems like a lot of options. Any advice? Thanks, guys.

Penelope_Pitstop, BSN, RN

Has 13 years experience.

I know that you're eligible for the PCCN before any of the other certification, so I would start there.

Also, not all employers will pay for your test or even pay you certification pay for just any certification. I'd ask your coworkers for advice.


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