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Where To Work In Pittsburgh???


Specializes in Psychiatric, hospice. Has 12 years experience.

i'm a senior student nurse who is graduating in june. i don't know which hospital i want to work at and was wondering if i could have some input about hospitals to work or not to work for.

i'm also interested in the comparison of nurses that work in the suburbarn hospitals to those who work in the city hospitals, i.e. wages, working conditions, you know, all the good stuff :wink2:

thanks for any input!!! :D

where do you go go school at? i've applied to a couple in Pittsburgh...just curious!


BadBird, BSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care.

If I was a new grad I would probably go to UPMC Presby, excellent opportunities to learn and since UPMC is everywhere if you live ina subburb you could easily transfer to a facility closer to home.

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