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Where you at??? Tennessee Roll Call!!!

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NurseLizabeeRN is a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics, Burn/Trauma, Med-Surg, Nurse Education.

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So as I'm perusing these Tennessee nursing section streets...all I hear are crickets! I live in TN and by the looks of it Tennessee section is NOT getting a lot of action! I just want to spice things up in an effort to get to know my lovely Tennessean health care professionals, students included!

Let us know your title, # years experience/specialty, what part of TN you practice, day/night shift, and goal(s) in your career.

I'll start:

Title: Registered Nurse

#years experience/specialty: 9yrs, pediatrics and adult critical care (SICU/TICU/BICU)

Part of TN: Southeast 😎


Future goals in health care: collegiate nursing education, entrepreneurship 😌


Can't wait to hear from and meet you guys! 🕺


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