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Where to now?

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Hi everyone,

I am May 2009 graduate who after a long, long job search finally landed a job in a urban community health center. I have been working there as an RN full time since Jan 2010. I enjoy my job a great deal and do find it very rewarding. I work mainly in adult medicine, but have been cross trained in pediatrics as well. I also am going to be trained in Woman Health doing some procedures and prenatal registration. I give immunizations, neb treatments, dressing changes, telephone triage etc. I really enjoy the clinic, but I want to do know what kind of nursing I will be able to get involved with after this job. I do plan on doing a 1.5 at the clinic just to get my feet wet and comfortable. Would this experience give me any opportunity to work on a pediatric floor at some point? Or my changes of getting into an Labor and delivery? Can anyone make any extra recommendations on things I can do or where my next step may be? Thank you!

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