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Where are the jobs for lpns????

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by nursegottabe nursegottabe (New Member) New Member

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Been searchin for 2 months. No one wants to let a newbe in the door. Sometimes I wish I could just go back to school to get my RN. I know there are programs out there but I tried and couldn't get through med surg. I had my daughter at home and now I dont. I wonder if that piece and quiet would help me pass on another try to get to where I want to be. hummmm.:rolleyes:

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Just apply everywhere....even if the job requires a year experience. Apply over and over again if you have to. Its all about timing!!! Check out LTC, dr. offices, clinics, home health, hospice, dialysis, and schools. you could also check out one of those flu clinic things. When it comes to the home health agencies, make sure you do some research before you take the job!!!

Good luck :)

don't get too discouraged. The right job will come along.

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