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Where is a good ICU internship or residency for a family?

Hi all. I am in need of your insight. I am a male RN with one year of experience in Med/Surg. Just last month I completed my BSN while working full-time, while maintaining a 3.95 GPA. Whew! Glad that's done. I really want to move up to an ICU but am having trouble finding a program. It doesn't seem like hospitals are hiring into their ICU like they have in the past. For that reason, I am looking into any ICU internships or residencies. I need one that will pay me a decent wage because I have a family of four children to support. ($22/hr or more full-time would be fine depending on the area's cost of living...) Any ideas? I am willing to relocate anywhere. Ideally, I my family wants to live overseas but we can't find anywhere that will take us until I have at least one or two years of ICU stateside. I have just begun to send out my resume to any hospitals I can find online but haven't had any success yet. Any suggestions on possible hospitals would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, thank you!


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