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Where to gain the most experience as a new RN?

Da-ved Da-ved (New) New

What steps should I take to gain the most experience and competency during my first year as an RN? My areas of interest are ER, ICU med/surg but I want to have a comfortable transition into it, if at all possible. I will sit for the NCLEX-RN this summer and will have completed ACLS (all through an ADN program). I'm 22 y/o, live in Kansas, and am excited to start my career as a nurse. Any of your shared wisdom would really be appreciated and taken into consideration. Thanks!!


libran1984, ASN, RN

Specializes in Emergency Nursing.

Sounds like ur already on the right track. If you really want to be more ER ready, get PALS also and then ur gonna be pretty competitive as a new grad for ER.

If you want the fundamentals of all nursing, which will open nearly every door for you, MedSurg is the standard, one or two years of that will make you EXTREMELY desireable in any field.

If you go to ER, you may not do some of the nursing skills, which may limit future opportunities in other fields (but then again ER nurses are considered to be able to handle MS tasks so who knows!)


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