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Where to find REPUTABLE scholarships?

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Scorpiochic26 has 1 years experience .

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So I have been searching for Scholarships to help with finishing prereqs and 2nd degree BSN program. It is an EXHAUSTING process! I am working in the ER, have an 18 month old, and finishing A&P1 now!

Does anyone have any tips of where to search for scholarships that are legit? I am looking as I am typing this. Some you apply to are like a contest-but then you have crazy calls all kinds of the day and night, people sending a ridiculous amount of emails to your email account...I assume these are scams which hinders the process.

I am currently residing in SC and attending a tech school to pay for these prereqs!

I appreciate any help, tips, guidance or assistance! :up:

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JustBeachyNurse has 10 years experience as a RN and specializes in Complex pediatrics turned LTC/subacute geriatrics.

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Try your employer, school financial aid office, school alumni affairs, school nursing department, state dept of higher education, federal HRSA program

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