Where Do Minneapolis/St Paul Nurses Live?

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I'm an experienced emergency RN considering a fresh start in the Twin Cities! I'm originally from Wisconsin but have spent some time in the larger metros of LA/NYC/Denver. With my past jobs sometimes it's been tough to make friends with coworkers due to the urban sprawl of the metros. Right now I'm single and 31yo, so somewhere with other young professionals in an urban setting would be ideal.

I've narrowed down the search to: Minneapolis- Abbott Northwestern, U of M Fairview Medical Center East Bank, and Hennepin County Medical Center. St Paul- Regions Hospital and United Hospital. Where do nurses at these locations live (those that haven't settled down with families in the suburbs)???

For the St Paul hospitals my gut says living in the close proximity of Lowertown, Cathedral Hill and West Seventh would make sense. Thoughts?

For the Minneapolis hospitals it's a little harder to gauge. For Abbott, probably Uptown/Whittier/Lyn Lake/Lowry Hill? For Hennepin County probably Mill District/Loring Park/North Loop/and maybe even Northeast? And for U of M East Bank probably Prospect Park or Saint Anthony Park?

Any and all input would be great.



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Anyone have any input on this?

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I've worked at two of the two of the hospitals in downtown St. Paul, after working in Baltimore, Maryland. Currently studying for my BSN at a very nearby college in St. Paul. In saying so, I've felt incredibly safe in Lowertown. My initial intention was to acclimate to Minnesota's urban life for one year, then move to the comfy suburbs. To-date, I'm quite content being a 10-minute bike ride-- or 15-minute walk-- away from work. I don't actually know much about the Minneapolis area; Hopefully, someone else can advise you regarding those areas.

(The following notes the state of my neighborhood before COVID and present-day civil unrest.) Lowertown has lots of options for luxe living, whether that be apartment or condo style. You'd be close to bars and nightlife (albeit less than downtown Minneapolis). There's a grocery store, Lunds & Byerlys, and local farmer's market available within walking distance. Lots of bus routes pass through as well, if you choose not to drive. My favorite feature of the neighborhood has to be the cycling routes along the Mississippi River, connecting me to various parts of the Twin Cities.


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I live in south Minneapolis and have biked to work locations from St Paul to brooklyn park to edina and SLP.  Minneapolis has great transport options



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