Where is Dear Diary?

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Long time lurker of ten years, first time poster.  Can someone tell me what happened to the Dear Diary thread that used to be in the break room?  I miss reading the daily news of everyone from there; Nostars, Amolucia, Tweety, and more.  I did a search to try to see if there was a reason it is gone or has been moved but came up with nothing.

Thank you to anyone who responds.



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13 minutes ago, Rose_Queen said:

The Breakroom you remember (the "blue side") is now a separate site and can be found at https://allnurses-breakroom.com/

Thank you, Rose_Queen.  You just made my day!!



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Still over there on 'the blue side'. Nice to be remembered. Please rejoin us.


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We're still there all these years later.  Hope you and others stop by and say hello.  There's only just about five of us that post regularly.  

It can be hard to find sometimes under the "Clubs" section so here's a direct link.


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