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Where to Buy Good Quality White Scrubs

Can any of you recommend a good brand of white scrubs?

I dont want anything that is too thin where it shows panty lines and my hoo ha :facepalm:

and something that is comfortable to wear.

Please let me know asap. I am desperate . The school provides white scrubs for $80 but it's thin and cheap looking.

Thanks !

adventure_rn, BSN

Specializes in NICU, PICU.

I've never used their white pants, but I had reasonably good results with Grey's Anatomy white scrub tops. They stood up well to weekly bleaching for over a year, and I don't remember having issues with seeing my nude-colored bra through the fabric (though I definitely wouldn't use any other color besides nude, including white). They're also pretty flattering and comfortable, as far as scrubs go.

White scrub requirements are truly the worst. It's a wonder to me that nurses were ever required to wear all white. I'd invest in some quality nude-colored bras and panties. It's also not a bad idea to bring along an extra pair of scrubs to clinicals; I inevitably spill something on my scrubs at some point during the shift, and with whites there's no place to hide.


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