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When to Take the TEAS Test?


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Hi All,

I'm currently one class away (Microbiology) to qualify to transfer to apply for a nursing school. I will absolutely take that class this next fall Semester.

1)I'm wondering what's the best time to take the TEAS test, or is there some resources that's available that you can share?

2)When did you start studying for the practice TEAS Test?

Would really appreciate it! :geek:


The best time to take the TEAS is when you feel ready and confident enough to take it. BUT, please talk to your advisor about this because some schools want you to take it within a certain time of applying for the program...so check with your school. And I started studying for the TEAS as soon as I found out I would be able to go to school (had childcare issues that were keeping me from applying). However, its never too early to start studying for it. The more studying you do and the more practice you get in the more prepared you will be come testing day.