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When did you finally believe


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that you were going to make it through nursing school? I think it finally hit me this week as we are wrapping up 2nd semester. I have survived and done pretty well. I actually feel like I know some things and can be useful in clinical.

It's a good feeling after months of having my head buried in books and stressing over skills checkoffs.

Now if I only had the summer off......

It took a while for me to believe tha I was going to make it through nursing school. Ever since I started I've been hearing horror stories about how hard the next semester is.... so here i am thinking that every upcoming semester will be my last, that i'm going to fail, ect. So this anticipation gets me worked up and studying extra hard. I am nearing my third semester... I have done well in school, both in theory and clinical. This semester has been hard but i believe in myself, i am passing all my classes, I have 3 more weeks left and i have nothing but positive vibes...its really all making sense, i can see light at the end of the tunnel :yelclap: