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When is it the best time to get into PICU?


Hi everyone, I just graduated and will be starting the end of june on an adult step down floor. I am very excited and I know that I will learn a lot however it has always been my dream to be a PICU nurse.

I am just wondering when would would be the best time to transition into PICU or what would be the best way of doing so. Should I get a few years under my belt? or get at least one and then pick up a PRN position in peds? Any advice would be great!


LoveMyBugs, BSN, CNA, RN

Specializes in Pediatrics.

Apply and keep applying until you get an interview.

Some places will take new grads or nurses with little experience so they can mold them

Others want nurses with ICU experience

Only way to find out is to apply


Specializes in Pediatric Critical Care. Has 1 years experience.

Jump in at the first opportunity. Nothing will prepare you for being in a peds critical care environment as much as being there. I worked as a student nurse extern for a year in a PICU before being licensed and had a super smooth transition into the RN role.