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When to apply

Hello fellow nurses and nurses to be. I am a nursing student who is going to graduate from nursing school in Aug 2010 and i wanted to know is it too early to start applying for jobs. I am very nervous because the school i graduated from had over 80 BSN graduates complete in May and I'm done in August. So is it to early to start applying? I know it has been difficult for new grads to get a job now a days.


Has 7 years experience. Specializes in oncology/hospice/medsurg.

Apply now, it is a tough job market, but having a BSN will help many hospitals look for that now, I know philadelphia hospitals want a BSN.

If you had an externship you should apply right away, most of the people who I know who have jobs had one. Otherwise, in general you'll get the we do not higher new grads or do not apply until you come back with a license.


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