Whats The PVT Trick for the NCLEX 2016?!?

by eine eine Member

I had my test at 12noon today 10.18.16.; and wanted to try the PVT Trick!

but with so many different posting in here i'm a bit confused; so i'm asking if Can I have a census of what it should look like? or what should it says after?

then maybe il do it in few hours :) im making myself busy for the next 48 hrs!!

Thank you!



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funny how 156 views didn't write a comment..

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funny how 156 views didn't write a comment..

There are likely several reasons for that:

1. Not all of those views are necessarily from members. Guests can view posts but will need to register to post.

2. This is a frequent topic. Those who answer these questions are tired of answering them day after day after day. If you want to know what the pop up looks like, search PVT here in the NCLEX forum. You will find enough reading to keep you busy for hours.