What's most enjoyable? What's most stressful? Etc

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I really hit it off with one of the injector/laser nurses at the dermatology clinic I occasionally go to. She's hoping to retire soon and thinks I might be a good fit down the road. I have zero experience, I'm currently working in home health, but she would prefer to train someone without experience ("not have to undo bad habits" as she said). I feel fortunate to have such a nice opportunity but also want to make sure I go in with eyes wide open.

Some questions for those of you already in the field:

1. What do you enjoy most about your work?

2. What are the most stressful aspects?

3. Does it ever get redundant/boring?

3. If you previously worked in a more traditional nursing job (i.e. with sick patients), how was the adjustment to treating cosmetic concerns? Do you get any funny reactions when you tell people what you do?

Meaningful work is important to me as is having a work/life balance (something I'm really lacking right now). Playing to my strengths, the psychosocial aspects of nursing is something that comes naturally to me and I imagine that's an important part of the aesthetics field.

Please share! ?