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What's the best PMHNP program?

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I'm four weeks into my PMHNP program at Midwestern State University (Texas) and I want to throw my laptop against the wall. Failing two out of my three classes, despite graduating with near perfect grades in nursing school in 2018. Ironically enough, the "hard" class, patho, I'm absolutely killing it. My research and nursing theory classes on the other hand ... ugh.

Open to relocating to a different part of the country.

Would love it if a school arranged clinical for me. One less thing to worry about!

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I hope things have turned around a little by now.

Are you trying to take 3 courses while working full time? It's too much.

Hopefully by now you have contacted the professors and gone to see them in person to find out specifically what you need to do to improve your grades.

The most important part of any PMHNP program is an RN job in the field. Don't expect school to prepare you.

I went to a well respected B and M school 20 years ago. We basically had to find our own clinical placements.

If it were all that easy, everyone would be doing it and flooding the market.

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