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What to wear to your new employee physical


Just a should out to the new nurses who show up to their first job for a pre-employment physical -

First - congratulations on becoming a nurse! You did it!!

As you jump through all the new hire hoops of providing transcripts and filling out paperwork, there is one thing you may want to remember. When you show up for your new employee physical, you are still making first impressions. Appropriate attire includes pants or a skirt and a nice shirt. You don't need to wear a suit, but coming in work out attire looking like you just left yoga class does not make the best impression. Most new employee physicals consist of blood work, vitals and questionnaires. There is no need to be dressed for a marathon. Just a friendly reminder that HR representatives are there and you never know who will be at employee health that day. It is worth the five minutes to put on business casual attire.

Good luck with your careers!


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Very wise and timely recommendations.

Mine is coming up in September for my versant residency and I was wondering what to wear. Thank you for this!