What are you using to prepare for NCLEX?


Hello! What are you using to prepare for NCLEX? I have Saunders, prentice hall nclex review book, lacharity delegation nclex book, kaplan strategy 2011 and hurst online. I use Saunders for the CD only, I read from Prentice Hall and use hurst as well. I just got LAcharity and kaplan but reading those too. AM i doing too much? I'm hoping to take NCLEX in Sept. I work part time, and right now I took a week off to be with my sick grandfather who got in a bad accident. PLease respond soon. God bless you all


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1. kaplan 2010-2011 edition

2. la charity PDA

3. saunders 5th edition.. like you i answer questions on the cd..100 q's a day and read the rationales after

4. feuer medical surgical nursing on audio (i like reviewing thru the use of my ipod.. i'm more of an audio learner cus reading books for long hours just gets me bored)

5. mosby's 2008 edition

i'm also planning on purchasing lippincott and nclex4000 sometime this week.

goodluck to you future RN:)