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What is up with Travel nursing recruiters

2much 2much (New) New

I have been traveling for 2 years with the same company and have recently left them and am looking for a new company/contract. I have been noticing that the recruiters get all excited, promising I will have no problem getting a contract where I want (location is most important to me), good money,etc. they say "just update your file, get me good references and I will get you a contract." They are calling me back and forth constantly and then, bam! Nothing! I know the area I want to be in is very seasonal and there isn't an abundance of ER jobs, but why do they promise so much and not deliver? Right now I have 3 main companies "keeping an eye out" for contracts for me. I haven't heard from any of them in 2 weeks. I was just on Indeed and saw 4 ER jobs in the location I want. Why aren't they hooking me up? What am I doing wrong? Is there something I'm not making clear? Should I be searching then calling them and say "get me this one."? I'm getting so frustrated!! Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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