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Hello allnurses.com community,

I am currently an MPH student and have plans for nursing school afterwards. I have an interest in global health, chronic and infectious disease as well as health disparities and clinical research.

I'm considering the following schools and would love to hear from current or past students,  or anyone willing to provide advice and guidance:

1) University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, BSN program 

2) Virginia Commonwealth University - (VCU), Trad BSN (2.5 years) or ASBN (19 months)

3) Bon Secours School of Nursing - BSN 

I'm aware that there accelerated MSN programs, but my preference is to do the BSN and then do a PhD bridge program. UNC has a BSN-PhD program so that's definitely a strong contender for me to consider.

Look forward t hearing from you all. 🙂

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