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What do you think of this offer....?


Specializes in Med Tele. Has 8 years experience.

Please give me advice on the following California offer (Med Tele).... is this one fair?

Thanks in advance.

Gross hourly rate: $25

OT pay after 8 hours: $37.50

OT pay after 12 hours: $50

$840/week housing allowance

$240/week meals and incidentals allowance

$120/week transportation allowance

Gross weekly total: $2250 or $53.57/hour

Fair compared with what? Your current staff pay? California staff pay? North or south California travel pay? Pay in the Central Valley versus San Diego?

Fair pay is completely subjective. If you want to know what the market rate might be for your specialty, skills, and experience at any given point in time at any given location, the ONLY way to find out is to collect offers from several agencies.

barb o

Specializes in Dialysis. Has 30+ years experience.

The meals and incidentals is pretty low.